Sunday, 27 October 2013

Get LOC (Lines of code) for your project in Xcode/ Mac

Sometimes We need to calculate the total lines of code in our project. so I came to know that there is a very good and efficient tool for calculating it using your system. That tool is called as CLOC aka Count Lines of Code. It supports many languages like c, c++, java, perl, scripiting, xml, objective-C and many more.

Now take a look on how to install cloc.

Things need to be downloaded:

Download CLOC from the link : Download CLOC

After downloading the ./' perm version of cloc tool, enable the executable permissions on the cloc tool by following command:

chmod u+x

Now note the directory path of your project and apply the following command:

./ ~“Your Project Directory path”

voila..!! Your every detailed information about the projects file is on the screen.
cloc counts blank lines, comment lines, and physical lines of source code.

Also if you want to know the languages it supports then goto CLOC recoganized languages

for more details visit the website CLOC Website.

Share it if you find it helpful and worthy..!!

Happy coding..!!

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